• Jamie Crosbie


You’ve noticed it haven’t you?

Maybe it happened when you are watching a movie and you saw an unknown actor shine past a mediocre script or bit part.

Or perhaps it was a sports event where you witnessed sheer greatness on the field.

And you know. That they have IT.  

That sets them apart so much, that you just know they are going to be on the fast track to stardom.

Finding Sales Rock Stars

When it comes to sales team members, the same holds true. You want sales rock stars who shine like searchlights on a dark night.


So how do you do that?


You ruthlessly screen for it. You deliberately look for specific markers and traits using a strategic methodology that separates the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Certain mindset and behavioral traits are common in high performing sales team members.

Like great home cooked meals, the goodness has to be baked right in. If a sales candidate doesn’t already possess these characteristics, you can’t add them. They either have it or they don’t.

What You are REALLY Looking for

The qualities you’re looking for include:

·        Empathy and problem-solving skills

·        A talent for communicating in a way that captivates

·        The ability to listen with genuine interest and rapt attention

·        Sales rock stars are focused on retaining customers as much as they are finding new ones

·        An ability to follow proven systems


Top performers also know the lifetime value of an established customer is only as good as the front-line interactions they promote. Each sales person has to continuously nurture and build upon existing relationships to grow your company.

All Sales Occur on a Human Level

Selling is more than being able to rattle off the spiffy features and benefits of a product or service. It really comes down to an ability to intuit the underlying needs of your customers and clients. It comes down to a drive to understand real-world issues and challenges at a deep level. That means that empathy is one of the first high-value traits that you need to look for.

Screening for Greatness

To find real potential, you need to actively look for it. One good way to discover if a sales candidate has the right stuff is to use behavioral testing alongside role playing. Another is to directly ask the candidate about specific times in the past when they solved a problem. They should be able to identify what the issue was and explain how their solution not only made the sale, but truly solved the customer’s problem.

You can also set up scenarios drawn from previous events that you or your sales team actually encountered. Relate the problem and ask them how they would have responded and why. You want to see how they think and approach a challenge. 

Bottom line, just because a sales candidate has a persuasive interview does not mean they are locked and loaded for success. If you want sales candidates that can perform their duties with the agility of circus acrobats, you need to test, screen, and assess for it. For more about hiring the best and upgrading the rest, be sure to contact us today – 214-720-9922. 

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