• Jamie Crosbie


Now buckle up. It’s Time to take it to the Next Level!

It’s a almost a new year, and that means a new budget. There are new projects and goals to be figured out. And very

often, there’s a new slots to fill (or an old one to backfill).

You know the message. New year. New goals. But how do you actually do it?

First, you need rock star sales staff. You know, THE ones. The. Ones. Who. Have. IT.

We can help you there. That’s what we do. We find the ones who have IT and queue them up for career opportunities.

Breaking IT Down:

Let’s just put it on the line honestly. Sales is an innate ability. It’s like any other skill that is talent-dependent. You either have IT or you don’t.

The truth hurts, and here it is:

Certainly, anyone can learn the mechanics of anything. They say with 10,000 hours of practice anyone can learn to play a musical instrument. I applaud anyone who dedicates 40 hours a week for three and a half years learning to play a guitar.

But even after all that effort, without that inherent ability, that inner voice or muse of creativity, without IT, they will never, ever be a rock star.

It’s the same thing in sales. Most people in sales do not belong there. Of those who do, probably half are trying to sell the wrong thing – something they do not identify with or have passion for.

We help you find that Rock Star Sales Rep.

Hiring the right sales resource means really understanding what you need.

We work side-by-side with you to develop the absolute right picture of who your perfect candidate is. We listen to you and make sure you listen to yourself. That way we know the candidate profile is absolutely correct and understood by all.

Our candidate evaluation and simulation testing provides the filters needed to know that the people we present to you are a fit. We never present a candidate who doesn’t have IT.

We hope to give you the best kind of problem to have – that all our candidates are so right you just can’t choose. But don’t worry, we’ll help you sort that out too.

Getting back to basics:

Wouldn’t it be great if this year you could focus on your goals and grow business?

We can help you make sure you are not losing time mentoring mechanics. Let’s get this year focused on challenging your Rock Star Staff. From sales stars to exceptional peak performance training, we have what you need to launch your team to new levels of success.

Start hitting your mark today with ProActivate and call 214-720-9922 to schedule time with me to discuss your Sales Team!

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